Alaska Air Group displays clear characteristics of a bubble, more precisely of a bubble preparing to burst. On the wings of a 6 year old bull market and more recently fueled by cheap oil prices this stock was propelled from 2.53$ in 2008 to 82.78$. The stock rose more then 30x from the low or as Peter Lynch would say, for those that bought it at those prices it became a “30 bagger”. With the whole stock market weakening recently and especially the transports coupled with what I think is a bottoming process in crude oil I feel that Alaska Air is slowly losing the air beneath is wings.

The technical picture adds weight to this assessment with a daily and weekly RSI divergence (displayed on the chart on the right) plus I think ALK’s chart is eerily similar to gold’s chart in September 2011. Therefore it is likely that the future development of the chart is going to be similar.


Alaska Air Group - Anatomy of a Bubble


I suggest shorting the stock with a weekly stop above 83$. The target is the 40-45 area with partial profit taking around the 60$ area. You may also try and buy a couple of out-of-the-money put options and see if you can catch a potential sharp move down and profit from the tail risk. Be careful though, earnings are on 10/22 so keep your position small and set your stop wide enough so you can weather the volatility.

Whoever chooses to go with the trade good luck.

This is not investment advice and you are solely responsible for your actions.

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