Portfolio Performance: Month 10

Month 10 was also a successful one, +18.78%. I missed some moves with which my performance would have been better but nonetheless it was a good month. This is also the month when I officially had enough of my overtrading. Those who follow this blog know that I am prone to overtrading, however this month I officially got sick of it and I am putting a stop to it from now on. I overtraded the E-mini and the Nikkei looking for a top (on a 1 minute chart!) and as a result I put 20-30 emotional extra trades which I hadn’t any business putting.

As always I put all trades on the charts on my blog by hand which acts as a good negative deterrent to overtrading. This weekend there was exceptionally nice weather and instead of going for a nice bike ride I spent 2 hours of my time recording my last week’s trades. I was especially annoyed because of the nice weather and because I repeated this mistake too many times. This last time was one mistake too many. From now on if I get stopped out of a particular instrument I am not allowed to put a trade again in that same instrument until the end of the day, period.


Portfolio Performance: Month 10

 September 22, 2015October 22, 2015 
Time Weighted Rate of Return18.78%
Net Asset Value Change: September 22, 2015 -October 22, 2015


In regards to trading ideas, I have to say that my predictions from my last post “My thoughts and trading strategy for US stocks, bonds, precious metals and other commodities” were pretty spot on for now. To that I will add my opinion on the Euro:

The euro has dropped 3% this week and already there are analysts emerging from the woodwork with their calls for parity with the dollar again. I think the jury’s still out on that one unless the euro makes a weekly close below 1.08. If that happens I would get worried, however I think we first go to 1.25 before we get another shot at parity or lower. I do have a position in the euro so I am biased and not 100% objective but if the euro makes a weekly close below the 1.08 level I am out, as simple as that.

Today I don’t have a particular inspiration for writing a longer post with some important insights so I will stop here and leave that to some other post.

This is not investment advice and you are solely responsible for your actions.

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