Portfolio Performance: Month 9

Month 9 was a successful one, +9.14%. After 2 consecutive losing months with this one I recouped all the losses and what is more important I’ve broken the downtrend my portfolio was in since May. My portfolio equity peak in May was 217,000 $ and in September I reached 225,000$. From the September peak recently I had a drawdown of about 12% but that is normal for my method and it is nowhere near the 36% drawdown I had in July.


Portfolio Performance: Month 9

 August 21, 2015September 22, 2015 
Time Weighted Rate of Return9.14%
Net Asset Value Change: August 21, 2015 - September 22, 2015


Nothing out of the ordinary happened in September and I didn’t make any mistake worth noting so as a result this post will be pretty short. I have also updated my Open Positions table where you can see all of my positions as of 09-25-2015.

I changed the Forex section a little bit. The profit/loss is no longer always transformed in dollars but can be in other currencies as well. So for example form my USD.JPY and EUR. JPY positions the profit/loss is reported in Yen and for USD.CAD in Canadian dollars. I also eliminated some non essential columns and the total. I extract my equity and futures open positions automatically to the table (with some cleaning up of the data first) from a csv file but my trading platform doesn’t provide detailed profit/loss info for my Forex positions in that format so up until now I’ve always put that data by hand.

I decided to do those changes to speed up the process and to increase the likelihood of me updating the data more frequently. I also don’t report option trades for the same reason. For example I had two profitable option trades in Live and Feeder cattle futures in September but they are not displayed in the open positions nor in the charts. At the end of the year I will put an Excel file with all of my trades for the year including options and any other omitted trades so anyone interested in the full data can download it.

In regards to trading ideas, in this post I won’t say anything more other than that my most significant positions are short bonds, long gold, silver, platinum and gold miners, long agriculture and natural gas. I have a small long position in the SPY, DIA and QQQ and I am short the Nikkei (NKD futures). You can see the rest of my positions in the Open Positions table. I will do a more detailed post regarding some of my trading ideas and the reasoning behind them another time but for today I will stop here.